Check this page weekly to ensure that you have everything ready for your next computer class. This will help you get the most out of the coursework and also to be prepared to get your work done in class on time.

Treasure Hunt:

Treasure Hunt Code:

Cube Pusher:

VEX IQ Building Instructions:

Using the IQ Distance Sensor, 2nd gen

Using the Optical Sensor, 2nd gen

Robotics 2

Python Coding Website for Download:

The download package is also in the handout folder under Robotics, Python.

Codesters Login:

Click on login and sign in with class key.

Class Code: e932ae

Sign in the Tynker to code your Halloween web.


Use the first letter of your first name and your entire last name as your username. Use 'mustang' as your password.

Khan Academy

Intro to JS: Drawing and Animations


Intro to Programing

Drawing Basics



Animation Basics

Interactive Programs

Bonus: Resizing with Variables

Text and Strings


Logic and 'if' statements

Debugging Programs


Writing Clean Code



Object-Oriented Design

Becoming a Better Programmer


Coding with Scratch

Go to the Scratch website:


To create a scratch account:

Click on Join Scratch in the top right corner.

Create a user name. Please create a user name with the first letter of your first name, your entire last name and your graduation year: example: agraber2019

Create a password: mustang, library number

Enter your birthday, gender and country.

Use the email address:

Updated: May 19, 2022