Part 1: Travel Agent

Part 1: Travel Agent
Booking transportation and hotel

Students will use the links below to research round trip flights to their country along with hotels for the week of June 4 - June 11, 2022

They will start by opening a new tab and researching the capital city of their country.

Next, they will fill out the required information on the travel search engine to find flights and hotel to their country.

  • Select flight and hotel

  • They will use Cleveland Ohio as the departing city (flying from) leaving on (departing) June 5, 2021.

  • They will use their capital city and country as their arrival city (flying to).

  • Their return date (returning) will be June 12, 2021.

  • Do not select a time of departure or arrival if there is such an option.

  • Please select 1 room and 1 adult.

  • Click on 'search'

Students may use multiple tabs open in their browser window so that they may compare the different information they find on the different search engines.

You will select your hotel first by clicking on it. This will take you to the page where you select the 'type of room'. Scroll down the page to room types and click on 'select' by the room type you would like.

You will now select your 'departure flight'. Look for number of stops and duration of flight from the multiple options. The least amount of stops and shorter flights are better (and less work for you to record on your spreadsheet). Click on 'select' for the flight you would like.

The search engine now takes you to the 'return flight' page. Select the flight you would like by clicking on 'select'. Once again, the least amount of stops and shorter flights are better (and less work for you to record on your spreadsheet).

Next you will see your selected flight and hotel information. You MUST click on 'show details' for your flight! This is the only way you will have all the information you need to record.

You will be recording (for both flights - to and from your country):

  • the city you are departing from

  • the city you are arriving in

  • departure time

  • arrival time

  • Flight number

  • airlines

  • Hotel

  • Total cost of package


You will take a screenshot of all this information. To take a screenshot, hold down the 'shift' + 'command' + '4' keys on the left side of your keyboard. Click and drag to include the necessary information. You may need multiple screen shots for all the information.

The Departure flights and the Return flights are separate windows. Please make sure you take a screen shot of both!!

The screenshots save to your desktop. Please put all of these into your country report folder in your 6th grade folder.

You will be recording the information into an excel spreadsheet as directed during week two. You will use the template found below under related files, to fill in all the required information.

There are additional just hotel search sites listed below. If a student is having a hard time finding a travel package for their country, they may opt to search for flight and hotel independently.


Links for flight and hotel information:

Expedia Travel


Updated September 24, 2021