App Development with Glide

Creating Apps with Glide

Below is a sample layout for a Glide spreadsheet. You will create this in Google sheets.












You may select any category that you would like to create an app with. We will add 4 categories for starters with 3 additional informational columns. You will add an image link and an additional informational link to each category.

gmail accounts

Password: Google + library number

Category Examples: Desserts, Restaurants, Dance (types), sports, high school (different amenities), places to visit, things to do this summer, books to read, vacation spot, hobbies,... Feel free to select a topic different from what I have listed but have it approved by me first.

I have created a blank spreadsheet for you to use for your app. It is under 'your work' in Google Classroom.

You will need to use CHROME for the glide app. Go to the Glide website and click on sign in at the bottom left. You will need to sign up with your google account. Click on 'OK' to allow access to your google account. You may have to click on your google email account to finish signing in.

Select 'New App' from the navigation bar on the left. This will pull up your Google sheets. Click on the correct file and click on 'select' in the bottom left. Start by titling your app under the 'navigation' tab on the left menu. You may go to 'settings' to name your file and to also select a picture to upload for your icon. You may also select either dark or light theme.

Now select 'screen' on the left navigation bar to work on the 'properties'. Select your title, detail and image. These will be the headings you set up on your Google sheet. You may select which layout you'd like.

You may 'edit sheet' to correct, change or add to your google sheet. Don't forget to click on 'Reload sheet' if you make any changes.

When you are finished with your app, click on 'share app' in the left navigation bar. Scroll down and click on the web address below your name on the bottom right. You can now either share with the web address or the created QR code. Go ahead and scan it with your QR code scanner on your iPad and see what happens. You may also copy and share the URL to view your app in a browser. If the 'share app' link is 'ghosted' in the navigation bar, just click on open app and you will have the same results (only you will have to copy the URL from the web address bar.

Now that you've created your first app, go back and edit your Google sheet and add more content.

Last updated: August 23, 2021

Glide Spreadsheet.png