Let's Take A Trip


Your wealthy Great Aunt has just decided to take you to the country of your choice (selected in class) for a one-week period. She has, however, set up stipulations to which you must adhere, to travel with her. She requests that you research your country of choice and learn about its history, famous people, capital, language, government, area, elevation, population, money chief products, flag, traditions/customs, food, recreation, education, and religion. You will present this information to her (to your class) in May using a PowerPoint presentation. Meanwhile you will be responsible for researching and booking your flight, setting up your itinerary, and setting up your budget. You will first play the role of the travel agent (research different transportation prices or schedules), the tour guide (develop an Itinerary or different attractions or historical sites you plan to visit while on your trip), and the money manager (research the costs of different activities you plan to do and using the exchange rates propose a budget). Once you have gathered all your data your Great Aunt would like you to present the information to her so that she sees that you are really interested in visiting your chosen country.

Part 1:  Travel Agent, Booking transportation and hotel

Part 2:  Setting up Itinerary

Part 3:  Budgeting


Have a great trip!


Updated October 15, 2018