Links for Grade 4

Reading, Spelling, and Grammar

Learning Vocab Can be Fun
Learn vocab through crossword puzzles, wordsearches, hangman,...

Reading and Games

Lemony Snicket
A Series of Unfortunate Events

Just for Kids who Love Books
Discussions for students with librarian and other students about books and authors

I Know That-Language Arts
choose grade level for word searches, matches, builders


Whack a Difference
Determine objects that are different/same

HangmanMagic Treehouse, Good Morning Gorillas
Books, quizzes, about the author,...

Tornado by Betsy Byars
About the book, author, games and contests 


Judy Blume Home Page
Info about author, books, questions about writing,... 

Reviews, new books, authors, podcasts, coming soon,...


The Chronicles of Narnia
Movie, games, music, characters, books, trailer and video clip,...

Warrior Cats
The series home page


Sally Warner Site
Books for young readers, older readers, creativity,...

Scholastic Create a Story
Students can create a story from a writing prompt. They create the scenery, add characters, and objects. They can print their finished project.


Word Mayhem
Create as many words as you can from a group of letters in the allotted time.

Part of Speech

I Know That-Part of Speech
Nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, contractions, synonyms, antonyms. Choose grade level from 1-3 or 4-6


PBS, Between the Lions songs about words that sound the same but have different meanings



Same Difference
Synonyms, Antonyms

FunBrain Grammar Gorilla
Parts of Speech

Alphabetical Order/Spelling/Order

ABC Order
Determine which word comes first in alphabetical order


alphabetizing through the 3rd letter

Alphabet Jungle
Create words from given letters


Spelling Match Game
Choose your grade level

Spelling Time
Adjust to your level

See n Spell Plurals
Supply plural form of given words

Math Games

Funbrain Math Baseball
adjust difficulty and content


Funbrain Math Arcade
Adjust skill level grade 1-8

I Know That
adjust to game grade level


Math Glossary
Defines mathematical terms

Math Playground
Choose from K-7+ grade level


Big Branz
Multiplication facts game, download

APlus Math
Homework helper, flashcards, worksheets, gameroom


Games, flashcards, brainteasers. Choose ages 3-12


Coin Weighing
Thinking game


Rainforest Math
Math links for grades K-6

Funbrain Measurements
Measure in cm or inches


Magic Square PowerLines
Each line has to add up to the correct given number

AAA Math Activities
Sort by subject or grade level


Primary Math Game
Games according to age and subject

Leon's Math DoJo
Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division


Leon's Math Stories
Story problems in both addition/subtraction and multiplication/division

Math Blox
Sums and subtraction with numbers 20, 50, to 100. Multiplication with facts up to 12Arithmetic Workshop
Place values, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Leon's Math Movies
Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mix


Math Practice, Learn with Counters
Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division using tables

Geometry Workshop
Shape recognition; features of polygons; sides, flips, and turns; angles and triangles; perimeters and areas; mixed


Bucky's Blueprint
Do real world geometry as you build

Math Run
See how fast you can solve the math problems as they increase with difficulty and speed

Spacey Math
New! Work on your math skills, either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.


Monster Crossing
Solve word problems to solve the game. Select from addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.Math Mayhem
Test your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills

Addition Attack
New! Add single-and-double-digit numbers together while shooting spaceships trying to invade EarthAction Fraction
New! Learn about fractions, and how to add and subtract using the different denominators.


Math Practice Games NEW!
Choose from pre-K through 8th


Pizza Party
Game of fractions

Funbrain Shape Excavator
Calculate area and perimeter

Pattern Blocks
Exploring shapes with patterns

Tangram puzzle

Fraction Workshop
Practice adding and subtracting fractions


Fishy Fractions
Name and picture match, comparing, equivalent, improper, simplest form, fractions decimal match, adding, subtracting (same and unlike denominator), adding mixed numbers, subtracting mixed numbers.


Fraction Frenzy
Click on the matching fractions before the time runs out.


Count dollars and cents


Funbrain Change Maker
Choose from 4 levels of difficulty

ToonUniversity Making Correct Change
Place the correct number and types of coins in slot to equal desired amount

States and Capitals

Geography Quiz
New! from Learning Games. Practice state abbreviations, state capitals, and geographical locations

States and Capitals
Practice your States and Capitals skills


USA quiz
Find the state asked for

Know your states
Drag the requested state to the correct place on the map

United States Map Quiz

Click on the requested state

Miscellaneous Links

Homework Now
Online homework helper through librarian

Discovery Education Homework Helper
Breaks down to subject levels

Homework Help Links
Multiple links for help with homework

FactMonster Homework Helper
Request help in chosen subject or with skills

I Know That
Science link

I Know That
Social Studies, maps

I Know That
Thinking games


Brain Quest
Choose from ages 6-9 or 9-13

Tower of Hanoi
Critical thinking game

20 Questions
Try the junior edition

Brain boosters
Categorization, reasoning, lateral thinking, logic, spacial awareness, word and letter play, number and math play,...


Flip it
Critical Thinking Game

Memory Flip
Concentration Game

I was wondering
A women's adventures in Science

Ontario Science Center
Games, home labs,e3 electronic exhibit extensions,...

NASA for Students
Features and News for K-4

Famous Ohioans games
Select from many types of games including hangman to test your Ohio knowledge


NEW Ohio History
Historical facts about Ohio

Hot Shot Business
Create your own online business

Peabody Park Cleanup
Help the Peabody Park Rangers clean up the park. Just keep an eye out for squirrels!Funbrain Kids Center
Scroll down for about 50 different games

Memory Lights
Online version of Simon

I Know That
Art Link, paint, stickerbook, music maker

Where's Waldo
See if you can find Waldo

Give the Dog a Bone
Number grid game

My Pyramid
Choose from My Pyramid for Kids, Steps to a Healthier Weight, Tour My Pyramid, Inside My Pyramid, or Tips and Resources


Veggi U-Early Lessons for a Lifetime of Health
Learn how to make smart food choices for living an active, healthy life.

Read Write and Think Comic Creator

Presidential Election Interactive Map
View map of results for the Presidential elections. Go back in history to view previous years.

Updated December 29, 2017