Discipline Plan for Computer Lab

Discipline Plan







For:  Ann Graber, Computer Class


Classroom Rules:


  1. Respect others, teachers and students, both online and in classroom

  2. Respect the hardware and the software

  3. Bring required supplies, headphones, note cards, poems, …

  4. Never touch another person’s computer

  5. Follow instructions carefully (examples below)

    1. Listening to instruction

    2. Never ‘surf’ sites without teacher’s permission

    3. Use only approved software

  6. Work quietly

  7. Close all applications and log off at completion of class

  8. Respect plagiarism policy posted on website (6 – 8 will sign a copy of the policy which will be on file in computer lab)


Acceptable Use Policy (Diocesan)


  1. Access is a privilege not a right

    1. Student responsible for behavior

    2. Students responsible for communication

    3. Student may access network if act in considerate and responsible manner

    4. Email access only under teacher direction

    5. Only if parental permission is granted

  2. Student signature required on acceptable use policy

  3. Network Areas

    1. Network storage areas treated like school lockers

    2. Network administrators may review files and communications

    3. Files stored are not private

    4. Instructor will guide during school hours

  4. Network Material Policy

    1. No privacy right to data received on network

    2. No privacy right to data sent on network

    3. Consent to right to audit all communications, files, and documents

    4. Inappropriate actions may result in either external or internal disciplinary action


Examples of Inappropriate Use and Activity


  • Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures

  • Using violent, aggressive or obscene language

  • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks

  • Harassing, insulting or attacking others

  • Hacking or other unlawful activities

  • Violating copyright laws

  • Downloading information and files not relevant to curriculum-related activities

  • Accessing inappropriate web sites that have escaped Internet filtering

  • Attempting to or overriding Internet filtering system

  • Violating privacy issues by:

    • Posting personal contact information about you or other people

    • Using another's password

    • Trespassing in another's folders, work or files

  • Intentionally wasting limited resources

  • Employing the network for commercial purposes

  • Accessing personal email accounts during school hours

  • Using email inappropriately to pass along chain emails or other communications not related to classroom activities

  • Off Campus Violations

    • Electronic communications that:

      • Threatens, harasses, defames, demeans or bullies one or more students or staff at the school

      • Identifies the student as a student at the school, presents the school in a false light, or the student in the electronic communication espouses or promotes a lifestyle or morality inconsistent with the stated mission or philosophy of the school

      • Consists of similar content that in some way harms the school, one or more of its students, one or more staff or indicates that the student is a danger to self or others



         On Campus


         Minor Infringement:


  • Verbal Warning

  • Write up using ‘notes home’ form along with write up in discipline folder

  • Detention, sent to principals office, call home, and write up in discipline folder

  • Loss of points (participation and/or project)


Major Infringement:


  • Detention, sent to principals office, call home, and write up in discipline folder


         Off Campus (Diocesan Acceptable Use Policy)


  • The student may be disciplined in accord with the discipline policy of the school or with restrictions of the student’s use of the school computer network, whether or not the electronic communication was sent by means of the school computer network or the sending was done off campus

  • Financial restitution for damages caused may be sought




         Students will be verbally praised for following class procedures and policies. Periodically, possibly at conclusion of projects, students will be given free time to access approved educational Internet applications.

Updated November 9, 2017

Updated November 9, 2017