Links for Kindergarten


Learning to Read

The Berenstain Bears
Reading Games

Bembo's Zoo
Similar to the letter machine on Bailey's Bookhouse

Reading and Games

FunBrain Grammar Gorilla
Parts of Speech

Fractured Fairy Tales
Change characters, settings, points of view, plots in Fairy Tales

Learning Vocab Can be Fun
Learn vocab through crossword puzzles, wordsearches, hangman,...

Sesame Street Games
Multiple games for Kindergarteners

PBS Kids

Fisher Price



Fun School


Phonics Games

Garfield's Island
Choose from Fishing with Phonics, StoryBook Reader, Match Mystery, or ToonBook Reader

Smithsonian Science Education Center New!
Choose between Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp, Habitats, Weather Lab or Expedition: Insects

Math Links

I Know That
Adjust games to grade level

Games, flashcards, brainteasers. Choose ages 3-12

Bang on Time
Stop the analog clock when the hands reach the requested time

Stop the Clock
Set the correct digital time to the correct analog time

Bobby Bear
How many outfits can you make from the given shirt and pants?

Spending Spree
Choose the correct amount of money to pay for the chosen object

Little Animals Activity Center
Choose from addition, subtraction, or both

Dartboard Game
Recognizing numbers 1-9

Mend the Number Square
Fill in the missing numbers from 1 - 100

Count Along to 100
Count along and fill in the missing numbers

Find One More
Concentration matching game

Watch Addem
Number movies

Number Songs
Songs about + and -

Count your Chickens
Counting activity

What Comes Next?
Number counting order

Number Train
Practice numbers 1 - 10

AAA Math Activities
Sort by subject or grade level

Primary Math Game
Games according to age and subject

Leon's Math DoJo
Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division

Dam Jammer
Plug the leaky dam with shapes. Choose from basic shapes, flips and turns, or combine shapes

Count Us In
Select different levels of difficulties to practice your math skills

The Counting Game
Count by multiples of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,or 9.

Math Practice Games NEW!
Choose from pre-K through 8th

Miscellaneous Links

Funbrain Kids Center
Scroll down for about 50 different games

NASA for Students
Features and News for K-4

Updated December 29, 2017