• A simple bookmarklet that works with most browsers that allows users to highlight sections of a website and then share the unique URL with others. Simple with no ads.

  • szoter: Capture a webpage, upload an image, or take a picture from your webcam and draw on it or add text. Share link with others. No ads, but needs Java.

  • Crocodoc: Upload a document (DOC, PDF) and highlight, add comments, and share with others. Viewers can comment and reply. Download annotated or original documents. Simple to use with no ads.

  • Bounce: Add a URL and annotate the screenshot. Share with others online using a unique URL. Very clean an easy to use with no ads.

  • Thinkport Tool: Annotator: Create or paste text and share with students who can highlight using multiple colour highlighters. Simple, no ads, and useful for student work.

  • Video ANT: A fabulous site from the University of Minnesota. Paste in a YouTube video or host your own on your own server. Viewers can add text annotations at any point in the video and can reply to comments as well. Comments can be downloaded. Registration is required, but a fake email is fine. No ads. Simple to use.

Updated November 9, 2017