Part 2: Itinerary

Students will now work on setting up their one week itinerary. They will be responsible for finding an attraction to visit each day along with places to dine. They may opt to give themselves an allowance for 2 of the meals. One meal must be at a specific location including approximate cost.

Students will use either of the search engine below to research the attractions they will be visiting in their country. They will need to insert the attraction they are viewing into their spreadsheet along with the cost of the attraction on the specific day they will be visiting it. Sometimes the flight and hotel information websites will also offer information on the attractions in the city you are planning on visiting. Feel free to use the information offered and just research it further. Remember to use your search skills.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide - Select a category that would fit your needs (ie. adventure tours, siteseeing tours,...). Select your region, country and type of activity. Click on search tours.

Fodor's Travel - Click on continent, find your country (in All Destinations in _______) and click on it. Click on 'things to do', look in 'Activities' first for attraction you want to visit. Click on Restaurants to find restaurants for second part. 




Type in the country (and city if you know it) into the search bar. Check restaurants above search bar. Click on Find Restaurants. At the very top of the page in the green bar, you will also find 'things to do'. Select Activities and you should be able to find 5 attractions that have a cost included.

This will give you a great selection of both activities and restaurants!


Updated December 13, 2020