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Blending Technology into Lesson

Education World - Lesson Plans for teachers

  • Vampires: Fact or Fiction use mathematics and Microsoft Excel to determine how many vampires are in the world, starting at the very beginning. Students will then take their data and compare it to real-world statistics to determine if vampires are really a fact or fiction. Grades 4 - 10.

  • Quia Read online workbooks and textbooks

  • Scholastic for Teachers Excellent links for student, teachers, parents, and administrators

Educational Videos

  • Class Hook   new service that seeks to help you find video clips to support your lessons. The clips that you'll find in ClassHook come from well-known television shows and movies. You can find video clips on ClassHook by selecting a topic and browsing through the collection. ClassHook also has a search tool that allows you to enter a term and look for related movie and television show clips.

  • Teach With Movies provides you with lesson plans based on movies. What a novel concept! Combining entertaining with education in a way that drives home a concept that your students may be struggling with. Teach With Movies tackles chemistry, US history, math, music, and every major lesson type.

Updated November 9, 2017