• Benjamin Franklin, Writer, Inventor, Finding Father New! Grades 3 -7. At the height of the Age of Enlightenment, Benjamin Franklin accomplished great works in countless fields including science, politics, and media, becoming one of America's most prolific Founding Fathers. Through two primary source activities and a short video, this lesson plan will help your students understand how Franklin used his talent in writing and printing to share his ideas and help shape the world. 

  • iCivics turns civics lessons into a fun game that your students will love to play. With iCivics, players actively become involved in government. They can enact new laws and even run for president. By gamifying government, iCivics helps students understand how the branches of government interacts with each other. You can also download and print accompanying lesson plans.

  • Teachinghistory.org provides resources for teaching US history to every grade level. Teachers have access to lesson plan rubrics along with other resources, including the informative “Ask a Historian” feature.

  • Museums of the World  Choose between 'Art and Design', 'Living and Dying', 'Power and Identify', 'Religion and Belief', 'Trade and Conflict'

  • Children's University of Manchester  Animated History lessons covering three history subjects for students of early elementary/ primary school age. The lessons cover Ancient Egypt, Black History and Ancient Greece.  

  • History in Motion  a promising service that allows teachers and students to build multimedia history stories. On History in Motion you can build animated timelines that can move in conjunction with movements on a map. At each stop along your timeline and map you can include descriptions of events, display images, and display videos. 

  • Hypercities

  • How to Video from PracticaEd Tech to create Historical Fake Facebook profile for famous person - Creating a fake Facebook profile for a character in a book or of a famous person in history could be a good way to get students interested in writing about that person. One way to do this is to use Derrick Waddell‘s Facebook template for historical figures. The template is a Google Drawings template. Watch video for the demonstrate on how to use the template.

  • Facts 4 Me an online reference tool for primary readers. Great information on many different type of animals; Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome; Artists; Authors; Biomes; black history; Careers; Cities - US & World; Clouds; Colonial Life; Continents; Countries; Explorers; Famous People; Frontier Life; Holidays & Celebrations; Human Body; Inventions; Inventors; Landforms; Landmarks; Lewis & Clark Animals & Expeditions; Middle Ages; Musical Instruments; National Parks; Native Americans; National Wonders; Presidents; Revolutionary War; Rocks & Minerals; Simple Machines; Solar System; Space Exploration; Sports; States; Summer Olympics; Trees; Weather; What is...; Women; Wonders of the World.

Updated November 9, 2017