Online Whiteboards/Corkboards

  • scrumblr: This is an online sticky-note application that allows you to create columns to organize your notes. You can also categorize your notes using coloured dots and stars. (h/t @manssen)

  • Awwapp: Draw or type on this whiteboard using a variety of coloured markers. Invite others to participate and post online or save the completed work to your computer. (h/t @ICTmagic)

  • Board800: This is an online collaborative whiteboard that allows for multiple pages. Draw, write, or type on the page or an image. Share with others. It is good for 90 days.

  • A small, simple whiteboard that you can share with others or embed on your website. Draw, type, or write on the board and have others join in.

  • interactive illimitably: An interesting chat and drawing tool that includes some drawing games as well. Collaborate with others on a
    drawing. Text, draw, and apply layers.

  • FlockDraw: Draw, add text, and chat online with up to 10 people at once. Embed the drawing or save it your computer.

  • GroupZap: This is made up of a number of great tools including drag-and-drop images and files from your computer, drawings, coloured notes, and exporting and embedding. Add a custom background, reply a history of how the board was created, and more. An email address is needed to join, but since you don’t need to receive a registration email, a fake email account works just fine ( Boards are only active for 7 days.

  • Scriblink: Draw or write on up to 5 different pages. Share the link with others or save to your computer. Upload and draw on photos as well. Person who wants save the board needs to provide an email address.

  • Padlet: One of the most well known of all of the stickynote sites. Add notes to a wall and others can go on and add theirs as well. The administrator needs to register with an email, but other can add without registration. Works well with tablets and phones. Video on how to use new features of Padlet.

  • CoSketch: Collaborate with others by drawing or typing on a whiteboard, image, or Google Map. Embed on your webpage as well.

  • Twiddla: This is the most extensive of all the whiteboard tools here. You can annotate and draw on a whiteboard, Etherpad document, webpage, document, or image. Use audio including connecting with Skype and so much more.

  • Web WhiteboardCreate a simple post it whiteboard with multiple pens and pencils. Simple to set up and share.

  • Smart Notebook Express: Different from most whiteboards in that it creates and uses Smart Notebook files that are used with Smartboards. It is an easy way to create a view Smart Notebook files when you don’t have access to the full Notebook software. Limited in usage, it is not meant to be collaborative, but can be used to share files.

  • Linoit: A robust corkboard / inboard that allows for multimedia items and has a navigation map. Requires registration, but students can use a fake email address. Also has mobile apps. No ads. Simple to use.

  • NoteBook Cast: An online shareable whiteboard for up to 10 people. Works on HTML5 browsers, including tablets. Add images, text, and shapes. Screen capture your creations. Simple to use. No ads.

Updated November 9, 2017