Links for Grade 7

Reading, Grammar, and Vocab Links

Many Books
Books for your ipod

Free Classic Audio Books
download books onto your ipod

Gutenberg Project
downloadable books for your ipod


Gary Paulsen
The Iditarod Race and his books

Lemony Snicket
A Series of Unfortunate Events


New: RoboBee
Will your language skills blossom or wilt? It's up to you as you control the flight of the Robo-Bee through a garden of synonyms, antonyms, spelling, and usage puzzles!


New: BigBot
Feed the BIGbots! These word-automated machines have quite an appetite, so come prepared with a voracious vocabulary! Good hand and eye coordination is a definite plus!New: Jumble Kids
It's the original, the classic, the long-time favorite! Unscramble a list of words, then use the circled letters to unscramble the bonus solution.


New: AlphaBot
Word Central's word-spelling robot challenges spellers of all ages. Listen to the audio then drag, drop and click your way to success!


New: Daily BuzzWords
A short, quick lesson on a new vocabulary word each day. You will see the definition, an example of how to use it, and a short quiz on it.

Math Links

Math Glossary
Defines mathematical terms


SAT Math Pro
SAT math preparation

Geometric terms, flashcards, matching, word search, concentrationLunar Adventure
Learn about plotting in grids while shooting asteroids  and gaining points and status

Miscellaneous Links

Intel - A Journey Inside
Explore the history, manufacture, and uses of computer technology


Memory Lights
Online version of Simon

Homework Now
Online homework helper through librarian


Nasa for Students
Features and News for grades 5-8

Presidential Election Interactive Map
View map of results for the Presidential elections. Go back in history to view previous years.


Imperial History of the Middle East
5,000 years of History

Flip it
Critical Thinking Game


New: Blabberize
Creates audio recordings

Updated December 29, 2017