Part 3: Budgeting

Students will now take all their gathered information and come up with a budget. They will know some of the prices relating to their trip, some they will have to estimate (ex: meal allowance).

1. Please start by filling in all the meal allowances for breakfast and lunch. You should already have filled in a cost for 4/5 dinners.

2. They will go to the
currency converter, and find the currency conversion for their country's currency. We will need both your country's currency to US$ AND US$ to your country's currency.  This will go into cell B40.

3. Next, they will insert a SUMMATION formula adding all their expenses at the bottom of their sheet where the template says Insert Formula for Total Here.

4. The students will now be responsible for converting all their foreign currency into US$. Formulas will be build in column D next to the cost they are converting. The formula used will be PRODUCT. Students will multiply the cost of an item from their country's currency BY the exchange rate ( your country's currency to US$). Students MUST convert at least 2 items using the PRODUCT formula - even if they have all their 'purchases' in US$. This is because we are learning a new concept, building formulas in spreadsheets. Finally, you will need to transfer the US dollar amount into the cost budget column which is column E. All cost will sum since all the cells have been included in the SUMMATION formula built earlier.


Students will receive information on how to print their spreadsheet. They will ensure the page is set up as required, including grid lines and a header with their name and country.


Updated January 5, 2021