Audio Record

  • Adobe Voice lets you create and produce an animated video from your smartphone or tablet in minutes. Involve your entire class and draw a compelling story that accompanies a lesson.

  • SpeakPipe Voice Recorder: Record audio online (up to five minutes) and save online for up to three months without registering or download. No ads. Embed code is available as well. Requires Adobe Flash for desktop or laptop, but can be used with mobile devices in combination with built in recorder. Simple and clean.

  •!: Record a 30 second recording online without registration and share a link with others. Upload a file and trim to 30 seconds to share with others. Mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices. Files are made public and can be found by anyone on the site. The main page also shares files from others on it, which may be a problem in some situations. Simple to use with no ads.

  • RecordMP3Online: Record an MP3 file online and download to your computer. No hosting available. Simple to use. Very few ads. Needs Adobe Flash.

  • Online Voice Recorder: Record up to seven minutes of audio online and download to your computer. No hosting available. Has a simple trim function as well. A few ads. Needs Adobe Flash.

  • Soundation: Powerful online audio recorder and editor. Up to four channel audio editing. Needs registration for hosting, but can download files without. Even had a virtual piano keyboard. Creates a WAV file. No ads.

  • You can upload or record audio files online. Host them and share a link. Files are made public and other public links are shown on the main page. Works best with FireFox and Chrome. Does not need Adobe Flash. Mobile app available, but requires Facebook login. No ads.

  • Chirbit: This is a site that requires registration, but you can use a fake email address as long as you remember what it was for logging back in. Record audio files online and share with others. Can type in transcriptions to go with the file. Can even add an image to a file. Require Adobe Flash.

  • Record audio online and download to computer. No hosting available. Needs Adobe Flash. Simple with no ads.

Updated November 9, 2017