Christmas Games


Christmas Online Coloring New!
Select the fill icon to fill in the colors on the Christmas pictures

Christmas Cartoon Memory Game New!
Click on the tiles to reveal matching pictures

Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe New!
You are the gingerbread man and the computer is the Christmas Tree


Christmas Line Puzzle New!

Connect the dots to reveal the Christmas picture

Christmas Nativity Stable New!
Set up the Nativity Stable


Christmas Word Search New!
Drag to highlight the words


Christmas Hangman Game New!
Click on the letters to figure out the word

Christmas Find the Picture New!

Find the pictures from the bottom

Christmas Shape Puzzle New!
Drag the correct shape to complete the puzzle

Christmas 4 in a row New!

get 4 in a row before the computer does

Word Card Christmas New!

Drag the word to match the picture

Christmas Alphabet Mosaic New!

Color the picture according to the alphabet color code

Christmas Math Line Puzzle New!
Connect the dots as you solve the math problems in the lower left

Christmas Math Puzzle

Solve the addition or subtraction problems to complete the puzzle

Christmas Math Mosaic New!
Solve the math problems according to the colors


Christmas Picture Crossword Puzzle New!

Fill in the words according the the given picture

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle New!

Christmas Find the Difference New!

Christmas 3 in a row New!
Match at least 3 in a row or more to gain more time

Christmas Mosaic

Match the given mosaic picture

Christmas Multiplication puzzle New!

Drag the picture to the correct square

Christmas Typing
Type the given letter

Link to all Digipuzzle Christmas games

Santa Online Coloring
Scroll down and select a picture and color it online

Online Coloring Pages
Select any of the pictures to color

Christmas Match Game
Click on the buttons to reveal the pictures. Match all of the pictures to win.*

Christmas Hangman
Guess the Christmas word by choosing one of the letters. Find the correct letters to complete the word. Find all of the letters before the entire picture is faded

Christmas Tree Fun
Create a Christmas Tree

Chimney Challenge
Click on the people coming out of the chimneys but be careful not to click on Santa or you loose points


Christmas Balls Jigsaw Puzzles
Put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together to form a picture of pretty Christmas Ball Ornaments.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles
Select from the list of thematic puzzles

For older Students:

Holiday Fun
Choose from multiple levels of math. Answer correct math problems to decorate a gingerbread house. Once you've finished you can decorate one on your own.

Candy in a Line Game
This game requires that you move the candies to 5 or more in a line to remove them from the board.

Ornament Throw: Help Santa throw the ornament at the matching ones in the line before they fall in the well. A match of three or more of the same ornaments will remove them from line.


Ornament Shooter Game
Remove all the ornaments from the board before they drop to the bottom. Use the ornament to shoot and remove matching ornaments of three or more.

Christmas Gift Catch
Move the basket around the circle to catch the Christmas presents before they leave the circle.

Find the Differences
Find 10 differences between the two Christmas pictures

Christmas Objects Select

Clear the board by selecting groups of two or more objects.

Deep Freeze
Help Santa freeze the evils elves with his water gun

Draw lines in the snow to help Santa deliver his presents.

Candy Cane Drop and Drag Puzzle
Unscramble the pieces to make a picture. Click on the puzzle piece that you want to move. Hold your mouse button down, and move the puzzle piece to where you think it should go.

Christmas Tree Light Up
Light up the Christmas Tree by connecting all the wires and light bulbs to the electrical source. You can rotate the wires and the bulbs by clicking them.

Christmas Word Jumble
Try to guess the word. Then click in the applet to show the answer. After showing the answer, click again for another randomly-chosen word with scrambled letters.


Christmas Word Search
Each word on the list is hidden in the pool of letters. To circle a discovered word, mouse-click on one end of the word and mouse-drag to the other end of the word. Words may be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward, or backward.


How to Make Cranberry Christmas Fudge
Learn how to make Cranberry Christmas Fudge in this online game.This game is based on a real recipe. You can also prepare this dish with adult supervision.

Night Before Christmas
Use the mouse to click and swap holiday items and make matches.

Santa vs Jack Frost
Help Santa deliver the Christmas gifts but watch out for Jack Frost

Sleigh Away
One of Santa's naughty elves has stolen his sleigh full of presents. You must help Santa get his presents back. Use the left and right arrow keys to move Santa across the bottom of the screen. Press the space bar to fire a magic star towards Santa's stolen sleigh. When you hit the sleigh, a present will be released. Collect the presents to receive extra points.

Present Pile Up
Oh no! The elves are goofing off in Santa's workshop again and the presents keep piling up! Help Santa prepare for Christmas Eve by stuffing those presents! Click and drag a toy from the shelf and drop the toy into a gift box that has the same toy icon. Remember to keep an eye on the clock. When time runs out, the day will be over and Santa will grade your performance.

Christmas History
A fun video

Holiday Elf Games
To enjoy the Santa’s Secret Village custom games, simply click on any of the graphics below.

ABCya! Christmas Lights
Holiday Math Facts

Elf Pal Academy
Lesson plans and educational activities from Santa Claus' classroom

Santa Tracke
Many fun Holiday themed games

Updated November 18, 2021